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Mission Statement
To deliver vertical transportation solutions addressing the appropriate need of the project while elevating people's lives.

Management Strategy
Inline with our mission Statement, we strive to give personalized solution to the project and aspire to provide
  Product tailored to suit customer needs with dependable service.
  Growth prospects to employees from all strata of society.
  Partnership with vendors to meet future challenges of the industry.

Director's Message
In our world of constant change in technology and market globalization, social and economic environment around us is experiencing rapid change. In this volatile climate, I remain confident that IEC Lifts will continue its legacy of honoring the commitments to people and moving into the future as we pursue our image of dependable organization by employing ethical practices.

In business, as in life, we are continually confronted with new challenges, How will our operating environment evolve? What new demands will the new era bring? Against this backdrop we must carefully examine our role, our objectives, and the value we bring to society and our patrons. Always emphasizing on trust, IEC Lifts confronts each challenge with determination.

My goal in leading this group with a strong commitment is to ensure that IEC LIFTS generates consistent value for its patrons and growth for employees, assuring them fair earnings, which will make strong foundation for future. Thus moving into the future along with its people passing them all benefits of change.

I believe that for IEC Lifts to evolve, each individual among us must possess the strength and will to be trustworthy and adapt to changes, with this assured, we can look forward to bright and prosperous tomorrow.

Satish Jategaonkar
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